AJEMALEBU SELF HELP (AJESH) Leadership (mindset transformation)

Leadership (mindset transformation)

mindset-training mindset-trainingmindset-transformation-trainingMbonge, Nguti Council Municipality Communities Trained on Mindset Transformation to Boost Community Development
By Staff Reporter
To boost passion and commitment for village level development, AJEMALEBU SLEF HELP (AJESH) has offered mindset transformation training to a cross-section of representatives from some communities of Nguti and Mbonge Council municipalities in the South West Region of Cameroon.
This training came as a continuation of a training that AJESH Executive President (CEO) Harrison Nnoko Ngaaje, received in Korea at the Canaan Global Leadership Center under the program: Cameroon Rural Development Course organized and financed by KOICA (Korean International Cooperation Agency).
Nnoko Ngaaje started the transfer of Mindset Transformational knowledge with AJESH staff during a restitution workshop he organized at their office in Kumba and later extended to the communities in Nguti, Mbonge Council municipalities.
The training was aimed at changing the old thinking mindset which makes work and life ineffective and inefficient, consequently stalling any form of development.
The goal of the training is to “cultivate leaders who will WORK, SERVE and SACRIFICE FIRST; in developing a pioneering spirit that will lead to building a modern village which is self-sustainable and self-reliant and to train leaders who will change from ‘barren soil to fertile soil’”.
“We want to create the mindset that the village leaders and their subjects need to get out of their dilemmas; to make them feel confident in themselves and stop dodging away from their potentials,” said AJESH CEO, who led the training.
Participants were implored to develop a pioneering spirit – to be positive and active – to have a sense of purpose, sense of responsibility and mission.
The team leader cautioned them against poor thinking which only produces negative progress, and instead encouraged the villagers to cultivate great thinking which creates the foundation for good results, increases potential.
“Good thinking produces more good thinking if you make it a habit,” Nnoko said.
According to Nnoko, a new mindset will enhance the working skills of the communities and their leaders for more effective problem solving and conflict management.
“It will help the villagers to obtain mental clarity and focus, get them enthusiastic about life and its possibilities so that they can set and achieve any development goals they may set,” Nnoko added.
“We must Work, Serve and Sacrifice to develop our villages. Our villages should become self-sustaining and self-reliant through their leaders, but for us to achieve our development projects, we must change our mindset first,” Nnoko said.
At the end of the training, Nnoko advised the chiefs to draw action plans and learn how to plan for their communities and to reflect what they want to achieve.
“They should equally have one, two and even ten-year development plans,” said Nnoko.
For their part, the participants promised to sacrifice and use the training to realize their dreams for their villages.
“If we practise what we have learnt, we will make our municipality more beautiful,” said Ewoh Prosper, Chief of Njuinyue in Nguti Council municipality.
In Mbonge Marumba in Meme as in Nguti, Nnoko drilled the villagers on the significance of transforming their mindsets in order to stimulate development.
“We are more than grateful for this wonderful lesson we have received from AJESH on mindset transformation. It is mandatory on us to practise all that we have learnt to permit us transform our village Mbonge Marumba. We will make sure our municipality becomes an area to reckon with,” said Misori Ule Joseph, Chairman of Mbonge Marumba Traditional Council in Mbonge Council municipality.
Nnoko reiterated that, “The best way to change another person begins with yourself. This does not apply to leaders only but everyone else has to responsibility to serve others; think positively, act positively and your society will grow positively. Communities can only grow if people change their mentality. Each individual must be creative, must have a dream for, ‘Achievers are Dreamers.’”