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At AJESH, protecting the vulnerable is at the core of our mission. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy against any form of bullying, sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse. We take every precaution to ensure our activities do not adversely affect the communities we serve.

Anyone—including our staff, partners, and community members—can raise a concern about any misconduct they have witnessed or experienced without fear of reprisal.

If you need to report an issue involving a staff member or representative of AJESH, please contact Us Directly: email our safeguarding team at [email protected] or call our office at +237 699 133 803 to speak with our safeguarding officer.

All complaints are treated with strict confidentiality and will be thoroughly investigated and addressed. We aim to respond to all concerns within 72 hours.

An organization that whose sole mission is to  Nurture an empowered, healthy and sustainable society that is free from poverty and injustice in harmony with its environment.