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AJESH 2023 annual plan meeting.

AJESH is developing her 2023 Annual Action plan, budget and strategic orientation from the recently adopted International Climate Change Action Plan adopted in Sharm El Sheihk – Egypt and the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF – Post 2020) validated in Montreal – Canada.
Based on the different indicators and targets found in these two instruments, AJESH is orientating it’s 2023 annual plan with the aim of contributing to the attainment of the results of these international frameworks in line with the orientations adopted by the different governments in the countries where we currently work and those we intern to extend to from this year onward.

Holding in Limbe, Cameroon, 06-08 February 2023

About Us

An organization that whose sole mission is to  Nurture an empowered, healthy and sustainable society that is free from poverty and injustice in harmony with its environment.



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