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AJESH at COP 15 in Canada

From COP27 Sharm El Sheihk on Climate Change to COP15 on Biodiversity in Montreal – Canada.
The CEO of AJESH take the stage to intensify the absolute need for primary forest to be protected underpinning indigenous people and Local community people taking the lead.
The values and importance of primary forest are are worth emphasizing as they have enormous carbon stock, provide the most needed environmental clean and air and water. Primary forests are incredibly carbon rich; it is estimated that primary forests alone store over 141 billion tonnes of carbon.
There’s absolute need for our governments and people to Protect primary forests, this pristine forests contributes to climate change mitigation through avoiding emissions from land use and land use change, supporting a stable carbon reservoir, and providing a significant carbon sink (Funk et al. 2019). As such, oil and gas exploration and expansion should be taken away from primary forests.

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An organization that whose sole mission is to  Nurture an empowered, healthy and sustainable society that is free from poverty and injustice in harmony with its environment.



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