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AJESH 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

AJESH staff retreats to strategically Plan 2022-2025 with technical Expertise from technicians from the Pan African Institute For Development West Africa Cameroon. The 3-day retreat focus on: evaluate the 2017-2021 strategic plan, brain storm on the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, validate 2022 operational plan and budget, review of communication and socio-economic strategies, and strategise on the New Deal for Nature-based Solutions (NbS), Monitoring Plan, donor identification and strategies to approach them, emerging issues in finance and People and culture updates including Performance Development Journey finalization and compiled key actions and recommendations that will finetune the attainment of strategic targeted objectives for Financial Year 2022.

About Us

An organization that whose sole mission is to  Nurture an empowered, healthy and sustainable society that is free from poverty and injustice in harmony with its environment.



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